With more than 60 years of combined finance experience we know relationships are everything in business. That’s why we promise honest, ethical financial advice.


We have built a team of people that get energy from working with clients to make progress in their businesses, personal lives, and contribute positively to the community.


The banks should only win when their customers win is an ethos that has been forgotten. We set up Epic having witnessed the decline in the quality of advice/service that banks provide their business customers due to a relentless focus on cost cutting (at the expense of customer service and the quality of their bankers/advice), shareholder returns (driving revenue for short term gain rather building long term relationship) and risk aversion (granted ever shorter loan tenures, always looking for security and the lost art of cashflow lending).


Bankers working at the banks/lenders get ahead by moving to different roles which means their customers get a new people to deal with every 2-3 years on average and their success is driven by hitting short term revenue targets.


Our mission is create a solution for Australian businesses that know they deserve better and ensure they get the help, advice and financing solution for their needs. We will unlock and source the right capital, structured for the customer across the full breadth of prospective lenders/investors and structures (including private capital).


  1. Professional standards  – our market leading team of experienced bankers have the professional qualifications and adherence to industry code of practise that will give you comfort you’ll be getting the best service.
  2. Our relationship led approach and expert advise – obtaining finance can be quite a complicated matter. It can be confusing to understand the difference between all the different options, interest rates and repayment choices on the market. We will take the time to understand our customers, their business and their sector / needs. There are more types of finance available to SMEs than most business owners realise. Our team will find a solution that matches your individual business needs with a more suitable and cost-effective solution.
  3. On your side when our customers instructs us to help them obtain a business loan, then our team is working for that business and customer (not the banks / lenders).
  4. Save time by using our team to help, business owners can spend more time to manage the day-to-day running of the business.
  5. We are business finance solutions experts, our team are specialist business finance solutions experts who can help you with the breadth and depth of your business and personal needs.